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    Custom Changes:

    Reduced prices on expensive loot in order to strengthen the economy and prevent inflation:
    • ID#747 Crystal Mirror 7,500z -> 4,500z
    • ID#748 Witherless Rose 27,500z -> 7,500z
    • ID#749 Frozen Roze 17,500z -> 10,500z
    • ID#12065 Green Salad 5,000z -> 750z

    Custom Drop Changes (Increased):
    • [ID#2701] - Orleans's Glove [1] - 0.88%
    • [ID#2729] - Diabolus Ring [1] - 1.1%
    • [ID#2537] - Diabolus Manteau [1] - 0.66%

    MvP Drop:
    • To stimulate players we added to drop rate a custom MvP Boxes with Random items.
    • Opening cases/chests possible through the purchase of Golden Keys in Kafra/Reward Shop.
    • [Dual Elemental Sword bug] Reworked Elemental Sword for Assassin Cross: disabled autocast Earth Spike.
    • Hard Delay is set for Abracadabra (0.25s) due to a bug with use skill without delay.
    • [Reflect abuses] Max. damage from reflect = Max HP of your character.
    • [Dupe bugs] Disabled Mail post
    • [Anti-Abuse after server restart/maintenance] All MvP will be killed with the using script (without tombstones). Respawn works by default timers.
    Super Novice:
    • Steel Body on Super novice is working correctly.
    • Super novices can equip two-handed staff.
    • Added the ability to use 'Fury' with any EXP, when Super Novice has 99 level.

    • [Glitch bug] Fixed a bug with "missing damage" when use "Body Relocation".

    • Homunculus autoloot is disabled.

    • Taekwon Rank is reset every month

    • Change weapon to a bow type stops Dancing

    Battlegrounds changes:
    • Added priority selection for the leader: Stalker and Assassin Cross.
    • Anti-AFK system
    • Free Soul Link for Rogue/Stalker
    • Reduced cost by 10 times on skills Cart Termination and Maximum Over Thrust
    • After your death of BG food can not be dispelled
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