Taekwon/Flying side kick bug

Discussion in 'Technical & Bug Reports' started by Matysman, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. Matysman

    Matysman New Member

    so when I am pressing my combo (mashing my keyboard) and I accidently press flying side kick I can't use the flying kick normally after that...

    That's all, bye and thx for this awesome server :)
  2. darkfate

    darkfate Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, it happens on this game client version.
    Thus we assume that this is the game client problem.
    However, in the next update we will fix some of the problems with a combo on server-side, but we are not sure this will solve your problem.
  3. KampfKeks

    KampfKeks New Member

    It's most likely a bug with the skill Breakfall. It's usually bugged in some way. You can also not activate a Stance by kicking an enemy for 1-2 seconds after you dodged something with Breakfall. It somehow overwrites the stances