Taekwon Bug ( highly abusable)

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    So, I mainly play Taekwon since quite a while now and a few years ago I stumbled upon a bug by accident and figured out how to 100% reproduce and use it. Sadly, the GMs back then didnt care and I left the server short ofter. A few servers got this issue and I think its related to the version the game is running on (athena/hercules whatsoever I dont know what is what)
    This server here also allows the usage of this bug and it is very VERY abusable if you figure it out. I will not post here how it works. It is pretty complex and you need a pretty good knowledge of TK skills to understand it.
    A GM answer would be appreciated and a look into the logs of people who are playing taekwon should be considered.
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    So since this is getting ignored I would assume it is an intended part of the game on this server and I should feel free to use it?
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    please send more details to our developers