Sissy here!

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  1. SissyAlamode

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    I'm Sissy, girl, 24y.o. Nice to meet y'all. Hope we will get on well ^^

    See you on-line! :ragkiss::ragkiss::ragkiss::ragok:
  2. Nakov3

    Nakov3 New Member

    24y.o. girls still play RO? imposibru :D
    Where are you from?
    hope to meet you ingame on 5th january!
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  3. SissyAlamode

    SissyAlamode New Member

    Of course we do! I've been playing RO since I was 16. :3 I will miss the 3rd Classes (my Warlock *_*) But it feels good to find a Mid Rates/Pre Renewal server.
    Oh, I'm from Spain btw :3
  4. Nakov3

    Nakov3 New Member

    Yep, i haven't played pre renewal server in like forever :eek: I don't know much about trans jobs, but i'll learn in time.
    Greetings from Bulgaria :)
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