server is dying :(

Discussion in 'Technical & Bug Reports' started by jenmac082125, Mar 9, 2017.

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    good daythe server is so lag we cant even play or log in, please dont let the server down ,cast an event that the host will be GM's before the players are already 1k now only 700 and half of that is vendore for sure... please do something i want to play with ur server so please im begging all of u dont let the server down..and fix the lag issue tnx

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  2. Seyme

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    Good decision to remove steel coin quest XD => P2W serv => ppl leave.

    Btw they could give steel coin by voting for server , could be a great compromise ^^ (make ppl come more = more ppl to buy their cash point) + you can have some without spend money
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  4. darkfate

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    server host works fine, no any lags and other issues