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    Sir Good Morning!

    I am applying for Test Game Master for your Server, ive been playing here since February and it seems the server was a bit dying..
    i think we need someone who can help us spice up the server (Active Game Master) i can offer you my time and do some events such as

    Death Match (On Hand Event)
    3 v 3 (On Hand Event)
    1 v 1 (On Hand Event)
    Tournament (On Hand Event)
    Hide and Seek (On Hand Event)
    Bring Me + Hide and Seek (On Hand Event)
    Kill the Game Master (On Hand Event)
    and there's a lot in my Mind

    i will also ask you to hire more GM's to Spice up the game (additional to it is having a quota hours so that GM won't be lazy to be Online more like )( 3 Hours / Day ) i would also propose that the GM's will have their Salary(In Game(Not that Much)) so they will be actively do their Job

    Game Master System

    "Normal Day"
    (Minimum of 3 Event)
    Closing Remarks

    "Guild War Day"
    War Observing
    Closing Remarks

    Actually i have background on other Game that i have already became GM
    One of this is the Top Server of MU Online "Zhyper MU"
    i can send you the details of it along with my full information

    i would love to see the server be alive again i will do my best to be part of this lively community again

    i would also offer up this Game Master Ranking

    Head Game Master - More like Managing the Game Master (Paper Works and more on Assisting the Administrators) (More on Forum works)
    Code available (Warp/Hide/Summon/Item/Summon Player/Ban)

    Game Master Team Leader - Leading the Big Events Distributing Items for Game Masters (Event Rewards)(More on In-Game Works)
    Code available (Warp/Hide/Summon/Item/Summon Player)

    Game Master - Normal Game Master (More on In-Game Works)
    Code available (Warp/Hide/Summon/Summon Player) ill think about the other thing that he can only do

    We should nominate other country representative as of now i just knew that there were 4 ? i think


    i don't know what are the other.

    there are more in my minds. but i still need to discuss everything to you privately. thank you.

    as of now i am working in a school and im a administration staff maybe this would be a the best experience i can contribute to you i have some managing skills and im a not best in using English language but i think we can still communicate with each other. I would also offer up the English is the general language of the game because this game offers up on other countries not just Russia :)

    Hope this Helps your Server!