Please enable MVP cards in BG/PVP maps

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by firebug, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. firebug

    firebug New Member

    I don't really see the point of hunting MVP monsters if we can't really use and enjoy these cards.
  2. Vjuh

    Vjuh New Member

    please don't, I already sold mine xD
  3. Fishouw

    Fishouw New Member


    rly? u are hunting mvp for their card? sad life
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  4. Seyme

    Seyme New Member

    + 1 to enable for pvp/bg (not for woe)
  5. firebug

    firebug New Member

    Yeah? Well, this server is not gonna maintain its population if its players don't have anything to work towards. Combat knife, Diabolus gears, Proxy, etc. can only go so far.
  6. firebug

    firebug New Member

    I think it's sadder that the server's been up for a month and you're still hunting MVPs for their normal loots.
  7. serespring

    serespring New Member

    +1 for pvp/bg only. not for woe.
  8. eggshells

    eggshells New Member


    lmao mvp cards? are you pinoy?
  9. _m0use

    _m0use Member

    С ума сошел!

    Это же реинкарнируетреанимирует сервер!
  10. Diesel

    Diesel Member

    кому в кайф играть с мвп картами - исленд вроде ещё жив.
  11. _m0use

    _m0use Member

    Нене.. тут они нужнее!