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  1. Jerad

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  2. OverBlack

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    It's ok :D I have a quest "56 Chyvalry Emblem" with 1% drop xD.
  3. Orid

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    I had 23 Biotite today.. :D (current marketprice 1m each and not farmable in 2h)
  4. Jerrymouse

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    mby you will get this thing BEFORE then? farm Ant Jaws and other (i.e. Chyvalry Emblem), save on @storage, get a quest, so next time if quest give you this items, just open @storage and complete quest. No? It's not high rate server, here is not all so eazy(
  5. OverBlack

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    Отмазался зачетно! Кому то падает 25 пуха, а кому то 56 эмблем) ах да, это же не хайрет)0)0
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