homun skills - whats wrong?

Discussion in 'Public Game Questions' started by goripe, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. goripe

    goripe New Member

    Hi, i have problem, my homun ( Vanilmirth) can't autocast skill like firebolt etc, where is problem? Autoattack work but autocast skills don't. Anyone can help?
  2. darkfate

    darkfate Administrator Staff Member

    You should download and install custom AI
    To activate AI type in the game /hoai
  3. TownBum

    TownBum New Member

    I downloaded a custom, AI but doesn't seem to work. Do you have any good suggestions for a customer AI that works on this server?
  4. darkfate

    darkfate Administrator Staff Member

    How do you have installed custom AI? It's configured?
    Do you try @refresh after /hoai?
  5. TownBum

    TownBum New Member

    I have, I downloaded mirai. Doesn't work. Works on other server, just not this one.
  6. FLEXO

    FLEXO Member

    everything is working
  7. TownBum

    TownBum New Member

    Can you upload yours for me? Please and thank you.
  8. Rhamandir

    Rhamandir Member

    i downloaded mirAI too . Auto cast working but auto healing is doenst work . I made all configuration about homunculus but auto potion pitcher doesnt work. Could you help me please about this situation ?