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Are we going to madafaking destroy it!?

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  1. Yes

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  2. Absoultely Yes

  3. Please, STOP IT biatch. Relax your tits

  1. arthas94

    arthas94 New Member

    Here some veteran Spaniards who loves PVPing, BGing, WoEing... HAVING FUN!! We are still getting our builds but we are going to do our best for us, and for you, and for all the COMMUNITY!!

    Hope u also do your best, be optimistic and NEVER claim "Server Dies blabla" which actually hurt all of us, and all of you, be honest and have fun with us!! We all want to DESTROY it!!!!!! Let's do it and give us a warm welcome!!

  2. TTKK

    TTKK Member

    Yesterday i took the castle. Alone. Gunslinger. And nobody cares..
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