Greetings from Italy :D

Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by DoubleGam3, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. DoubleGam3

    DoubleGam3 New Member

    Is there someone from Italy like me? I'd like to start play with some of you
  2. DanteVonStrike

    DanteVonStrike New Member

    Add me on Game. Dante or DanteVonStrike :)
  3. Weretiger

    Weretiger New Member

    Nice to see that there are other italian players, would be nice to grow up much more and have fun togheter :D
  4. Zantet

    Zantet New Member

    Hello guys, do you still play? I'm an old RO player and just some weeks ago I decided to give a try with this server (it's seems really cool!).
    On game i'm with a Crusader named Leonarth. I created a guild with an italian name to draw attention from the italian community.
  5. Guglielmo

    Guglielmo New Member

    Hello I'm an Italian player too. My nickname is Authentic Beach and my spawn is always in Aldebaran.
    Add me if you want to play together, see you in game.
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