For balanced champ (Paladin change)

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Seyme, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Seyme

    Seyme New Member

    plz can you change the reflect dmg ? 40 % Of Hp of the paladin is .... to low , normaly it's 40 % of recieved dmg.
    I mean you are a paladin with 20 k hp , you take an azura who deal you 80 k dmg , the champ will take only 8 k dmg (so he dont die) instead of 32 k dmg .... = 24 k less ...
  2. Addict

    Addict New Member

    Another one who plays Champion, because Autopot is allowed.
    I would like to see the GamePlay of the champions of this server without, it should be rather Epic

  3. MindlesS

    MindlesS New Member

    You have wrong info about reflect
    Champ will receive 40% dmg back but not more then pally's hp
  4. Seyme

    Seyme New Member

    then let's do you'r test ig ^^ & see who's wrong
  5. TTKK

    TTKK Member

    buy valk manteau(+8+9) & thorn buck+buffalo. Or hunt orc hero..
  6. Seyme

    Seyme New Member

    btw i didnt try with valk manteau & thorny shield & buffalo & high orc but that's not the point .
    The point is you have hallowed feature (i.e : autopot , & co) that advantage champ ( One shoot(enemies autopot useless)+ sp) , and on the other side you have some classes nerf like paladin nerfed reflect etc ... ( I dont talk about deviling & ghostring forbidden^^).

    And I dont get why you didnt allowed the 40 % dmg reflect ... cuz even for Mvp , with a reflect palouf you need team , on this serv if you want mvp you do it solo ... with a champ ^^
    The only thing , why you could let the reflect nerf (i think) is to make the sealed shrine quest Harder so , only for 1/2 hat you can have in cash shop ... (just forbidden palouf in sealed shrine then ^^ or do something only for this quest)
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  7. keep calm and do olp

    keep calm and do olp Active Member

    Reflect paladins suck, die noob
    U play paladin because u are low skill
    I think we need to nerf reflect more
  8. Seyme

    Seyme New Member

    I dont play paladin ...

    but i think champs are so advantaged on this serv , (= unbalanced classes)
  9. TTKK

    TTKK Member

    Champs became imbalanced when Gravity implement diabolous items..
    Instant deadly asura, vit builds, etc
  10. Seyme

    Seyme New Member

    maybe , maybe not; it's an opinion ^^.

    I just ask for them to put the skill as normal , as he is on official serv ^^ .