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  1. Fishouw

    Fishouw New Member

    could u up drop rates card 0.1 => 0.5% pls..

    Pvm is just fucking boring. In 2k17, we want to woe/bg.
    U are loosing decents guilds with ur drop rates card...
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  2. Drogik

    Drogik New Member

    what??? :ragswt:
  3. WTF

    WTF Member

    +1. It takes much more time to prepare some guild for WOE with such card dropping rate.
  4. Addict

    Addict New Member

    It's to make you buy some Bubble Gum. Pay to win serv ~
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  5. Fishouw

    Fishouw New Member

    thats the problem...
  6. Orid

    Orid New Member

    The usage of 'pay to win' increased over the past years so rediculious...
    Buying Bubble Gums isnt Pay to Win.
    If you get something JUST for Money and there is no other way... then that is PAY to WIN.

    It is correct that with this carddroprate guilds need longer to prepare for woe.
    But you rly want to increase it? That would be just stupid... Then there is non PvM aspect, except MvPs.
    If there are 'guilds' (you used plural there) who dont wanna join that woe fun, then i'm rly sorry for them, but they are not needed on this server.
    Currently there are 5 active WoE Guild. As far as i know 2 more which are gathering more Members. So overall 7 WoE Guilds. This server got a good WoE Guild standing imo.
  7. Fishouw

    Fishouw New Member

    add guild pack + up% for card, need decent guilds on this serv.
  8. xEss

    xEss New Member

    Guild pack working only on WoE and (BG maybe)
  9. Fishouw

    Fishouw New Member

    there are some (decents) guilds which can come woe here on tervist but need guild pack for woe/Bg and/or upgrade %card/equip. If u want to attract guilds, u have to act in these directions
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  10. darkfate

    darkfate Administrator Staff Member

    What guilds are you talking about? No information on these guilds have been reported.
    They will be able to visit the WoE at the current time?
    We can make rental of WoE items with the cards only for WoE
  11. Fishouw

    Fishouw New Member

    atlas ro is gonna loose a lot of players/guilds, its an opportunity for us