Class restriction gear sugestion

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Mr Mad Man, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Mr Mad Man

    Mr Mad Man New Member

    Dear Admins.

    i want to suggest to expand some gear to related class so they can compete.
    for example. if possible, please allow taekwon class to wear proxy or meteor plate, so that it can compete in battle ground or woe.
    also, please add meteo plate amour for priest since some people playing BG priest and we need more amour to defence against some top killer class.

    please consider my sugestion, since this server have many head gear that bias to the rebirth class and killer class.

    Non-trans class (tkm gunslinger soul linker) and Support class (priest) need good gear as well.
  2. Djoffri

    Djoffri New Member

    +1 (for Tk, Gun and Ninja)
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  3. TTKK

    TTKK Member

    Let my HW use Legion plate armor plz. And add +30% resist to stalactic golem card. +50% seems fine. It will help me alot vs sinx. They are 2 strong 4 me, coz i can't use cranial shield. Yep. Shield. Exactly. Allow it to use on HW too btw.