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    My name is Alan, from Antofagasta, South America. 26 Y.O.
    I have been playing Ragnarok since i was like 14 or so. I'll be playing with 2 more friends of mine in this server.
    I like Music, instrumental music so much, Heavy Metal, Japanese music and culture in general. Playing bass, I love food and to eat, seafood is the best , i dont like grease too much specially butter or milk. I love to smoke , i like spicy things like Chili. Dont like sweet flavors too much, love bitter chocolate more than sweet chocolate. I like the taste of my coffee or tea without sugar. My favorite music band is Galneryus, i love Rush Geddy Lee is one of my all time favorite bassists. I ike to listen to traditional death metal too, like cannibal corpse. I'm a Nintendo Fanboy. I think i'm very good Super Smash Bros Melee for Gamecube player, i used to play in local tournaments back in the day. Is my favorite videogame but is hard to play against very good people due to the lack of online play in the Gamecube.
    My favorite Ragnarok Classes are mage ones and Stalkers. I like to play support classes as well. Battle Sages (multi free cast bolts wit aspd) are the coolest characters in Ragnarok Online. See you ingame.
    Im high as fuck so i create a forum account and start shitposting like now.