about pet system do abilities work?

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    about pet system do abilities work?

    do pet skills work in here if loyal and have pet equips like heal or move speed by peco peco
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    Pet support is disabled, but loyal pets give stats

    // Rate for catching pets (Note 2)
    pet_catch_rate: 100
    // Can you name a pet more then once? (Note 1)
    pet_rename: no
    // The rate a pet will get friendly by feeding it. (Note 2)
    pet_friendly_rate: 100
    // The rate at which a pet will become hungry. (Note 2)
    pet_hungry_delay_rate: 100
    // If your pet is hungry by how much will the friendlyness decrease by. (Default is 5)
    // Note: The friendlyness is 0-1000 total, at 0 the pet runs away.
    pet_hungry_friendly_decrease: 5
    // Does the pet need its equipment before it does its skill? (Note 1)
    pet_equip_required: yes
    // When the master attacks a monster, whether or not the pet will also attack. (Note 1)
    pet_attack_support: no
    // When the master receives damage from the monster, whether or not the pet attacks back. (Note 1)
    pet_damage_support: no
    // Minimum intimacy necessary for a pet to support their master. Default is 900
    // (intimacy goes from 0 to 1000). At this minimum, support rate is 50% of pet's normal value.
    // At max (1000) support rate is 150%.
    pet_support_min_friendly: 900
    // Same as above, but this is to use the pet_script field with official pet abilities.
    pet_equip_min_friendly: 900
    // Whether or not the pet's will use skills. (Note 1)
    // Note: Offensive pet skills need at least pet_attack_support or
    // pet_damage_support to work (they trigger while the pet is attacking).
    pet_status_support: no
    // Rate at which a pet will support it's owner in battle. (Note 2)
    // Affects pet_attack_support & pet_damage_support.
    pet_support_rate: 100
    // Does the pets owner receive exp from the pets damage?
    pet_attack_exp_to_master: no
    // The rate exp. is gained from the pet attacking monsters
    pet_attack_exp_rate: 100
    // Pet leveling system. Use 0 to disable (default).
    // When enabled, a pet's level is a fixed % of the master's. (Note 2)
    // If 200%, pet has double level, if 50% pet has half your level, etc.
    pet_lv_rate: 0
    // When pet leveling is enabled, what is the max stats for pets?
    pet_max_stats: 99
    // When pet leveling is enabled, these are the imposed caps on
    // min/max damage. Note that these only cap atk1 and atk2, if you
    // enable pet_str, their max damage is then their base_atk + pet_max_atk2
    pet_max_atk1: 500
    pet_max_atk2: 1000
    // Are pets disabled during Guild Wars?
    // If set to yes, pets are automatically returned to egg when entering castles during WoE times
    // and hatching is forbidden within as well.
    pet_disable_in_gvg: no