27. mar 2017, 23:40 maintenance work

Discussion in 'Maintenance' started by Balron, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Balron

    Balron Core-Developer Staff Member

    At 22:40 server time the game server will be restarted.

    Downtime: ~30 minutes.
  2. Rhamandir

    Rhamandir Member

    looks like downtime will be 1hour
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  3. Rhamandir

    Rhamandir Member

    Next time update ur post if you couldnt complate your configuration on time ..
    Please be understanding to players on your server . I am waiting like 1h on this screen but noting changed , even i have to go work tomorrow ..
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  4. kevdanone

    kevdanone New Member

    we need an update by the staff for the advencement of maintenance...
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  5. Seyme

    Seyme New Member

    Or a @promo code XD (with a ck in hahaha ^^)
  6. Yuura

    Yuura New Member

    Any news with this maintenance ??
  7. Balron

    Balron Core-Developer Staff Member

    Gameserver is online now.
  8. Florimel

    Florimel New Member

    Пропал скилл "Хайд" при надетой смоки. Скилла нет при нажатии alt+s и на бме, где он раньше был.

    UPD: Такое чувство, что карты перестали давать свои бонусы. Судя по статам, чар голый, хотя одет в фул эквип. Опять всё поломали.
  9. Addict

    Addict New Member

    This maintenance
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