22. feb 2017, changelog

Discussion in 'Changelogs' started by Balron, Feb 22, 2017.

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    • The maximum storage size is reduced to 700
    • Added a new storage for 300 items: @storage2 (restock is not working with this storage)
    • All storage items, which was more than 700, will be moved to new storage @storage2
    • @thirdsprite disabled on WoE and BG
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  2. keep calm and do olp

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    add disable on pvp too
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  3. Psycho

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    I specifically bought a CP for changing appearance on 3d job. And you make it unavailable. For what exactly i paid the money then? To sit only in the Prontera in it? Nice. It is easier and profitably, in this case, to change character sprite in main grf.
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