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    • Increased sum needed for open Dungeon via 'Dungeon Investment System' from 50,000,000Z to 100,000,000Z
    • Added Guild Storage Password protection, you can setup it on your Guild House, NPC Location Manager
    • Fixed exploit with KVM BG, which make your team instant win before match starts and crash next BG.
    • Added bot_check algorithm with will find bots automatically and send Warning message to Online Admins. (test period)
    • Ancient WOE Optimization and preparings. (Will be added with next update)
    • WOE/BG Items renting and preparings. (Will be added with next update)
    • Added Scaraba Hole Dungeon (MVP Queen Scaraba) to warper and MVP to Hard MVP Quest.
    • Miner Event exploding time increased from 1.5sec to 1.9sec~2.2sec randomly, effect also changed.
    • Added Easter Event for 2 weeks (from 19th April, up to 3th May)
      Rabbits Egg Snatching.
      • Explanation: 2 teams of rabbits trying to steal eggs from each other, team winner - 1x Special Easter Egg, 15x Different Easter Eggs for Exchanging via NPC
      • Joining: Equip special item for joining battle.
      • Time: 10-00, 15-00, 20-00 Every Day. (Server Time)

      • Explanation: Crazy Chicken, he really really want's to kill all, try to win just clicking by her.
      • Joining: NPC 'Cluckers' at glemior 152,303
      • Time: 00-15, 04-15, 08-15, 12-15, 16-15, 20-15 Every Day. (Server Time)

      Egg Crushing:
      • Explanation: Find a Eggs from 'Easter Egg' and 'Easter Bunny' at Glemior, catch Easter Eggs, exchange for a Box with random Hat.
      • Prize:
        • Top 1 crusher will recieve a 450CP at the event end.
        • Top 2 crusher will recieve a 200CP at the event end.
        • Top 3 crusher will recieve a 100CP at the event end.
        • Top 4 and 5 will recieve a special headgears.
      • Joining: Glemior all map.
      • Time: Up to 3th May

      Q:How to warp to Glemior?
      A:NPC 'Easter Chicken' at prontera 157,92
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